2018 Joseph A. Grabill “UNK” Scholarship
The purpose of the Joseph A. Grabill “UNK” Scholarship is to provide financial assistancefor post secondary education to senior High School students of the Key Clubs of Scotts Valley HighSchool and San Lorenzo Valley High School, who demonstrate exemplary academic and civic values.
The scholarship is intended to benefit the one graduating senior, who, on the basis of academic achievement and community involvement will best represent these Key Clubs and the ideals of Kiwanis.
The value of the Scholarship shall not exceed $1,000 without a change to this document. These funds shall be accrued in the Kiwanis Club’s Foundation Account for this purpose, with the capital amount conservatively invested in secure, high interest accounts (i.e., CD’s which mature as needed). Interest proceeds, not needed immediately, will be reinvested, as part of the capital fund. Private donations, selected event proceeds and interest accrual shall create the capital. The Kiwanis Club at its sole discretion may change the value of the scholarship, withhold the scholarship from time to time and increase or decrease the endowment.
In February of each award cycle, an appropriate announcement of the scholarship will be delivered to the Key Club Faculty Advisors of the three High Schools. They will be urged to advertise the announcement for all Key Club Members. The announcement will list the requirements for grant of the scholarship, the amount of the scholarship for the year and the required dates and method for submission of the application.  The selection committee will consist of the Kiwanis Key Club Advisors and the President of the Kiwanis Club, provided that none of them are related to an applicant. If one of them is related to an applicant, he would ask for a replacement from the Club.  The scholarship application requirements will be reviewed by the subcommittee and approved by the entire club at a business meeting in February. When the applications are returned, the subcommittee will screen them. The subcommittee will present the application of the top candidate and explain their final choice at a full meeting of the club, which will approve or modify the selection.

 Application for the Joseph A. Grabill “UNK” Scholarship may be made by completing the attached form and mailing it to:

Kiwanis Club of Scotts Valley
P.O. Box 66257
Scotts Valley, CA 95067
ATTN: Scholarship Committee
The application and required attachments must be enclosed in one envelope and must be posted to
arrive prior to 6:00PM on March 30, 2018.  Late deliveries will not be considered.  It is the applicant's
responsibility to complete all criteria and submit the application before the deadline.