Weekly Newsletter 5-23-2018

Meeting Summary

May 2018 Summary to date:

I have been remiss in tracking meetings and activities for the past couple weeks, so I’ll try to catch us up here.

Scholarship Committee: Met and selected two recipients, one each from SVHS and SLV: Sidney Williams and Cassidy O’Brien-Kerr. They are both Mike Smith winners; there were no applicants for the Graybill Scholarship. It was decided that we would split the $2500 total award evenly between the two recipients, so $1250 each. Tim will get the information to the schools for inclusion in their programs for senior nights, and will also make the presentations at the ceremonies. The actual checks will be given to the recipients at our Aug evening meeting (we need to invite the recipients and their families!). It was also decided that we would modify the name of the Mike Smith Scholarship to reduce the emphasis on academic achievement; the new name will be the Mike Smith Grant (pending final approval from the man himself, who is impossible to get ahold of).

Theater Guild Support: We were presented the letter from the Theater Guild acknowledging our support of their renovation project through our $1500 pledge. Funds are not due yet, and will not be due all at once, but we need to keep in mind this future liability when we look at our available funds.

Middle and High School Year End Awards: I contacted Mary Lonhart regarding the ‘most improved student’ awards at SVMS; she is gathering names and will get them to us ASAP, as Rick needs time to prepare the certificates for the June 5th presentation: 7th grade: 8:30am:6th grade: 10:15am: and 8th grade:1:15pm. They will select 12 students who will receive $30 each, $360 total. I also reached out to the high school to ask if they were awarding the Citizenship Award, which carries a $100 award with it.

MASP Sponsorship Updates: Mike2 secured a check from Malone’s; they will need a banner as a new sponsor. Zinnia’s will need a new banner also, as she has upped her amount to $1000. I ordered a banner for Rossi’s also, at $2500. We need to firm up sponsorships by mid Jun at the latest so that posters can be printed with appropriate logos.

Parcel Tax Update: Derek Timm and Roger Snyder appeared at our May evening meeting prepared to brief us on the Parcel Tax; however, I didn’t realized they were planning on being there, and attendance was too small to warrant their time…so they are coming back to the June evening meeting, June 13. Please mark your calendars and invite your friends, family, and neighbors to attend this meeting to make it worth their while to re-appear!! The presentation is short, only about 20 min, and we’ll do it first thing (6:30) so they can leave. It’s really important for the CORRECT information to get out early, as this tax is going to be crucial to the District’s operations. Please mark your calendar as a ‘must attend’ event!!

Stage Set ups: We have a busy stage/tent schedule on the horizon and I’m slightly worried that we will have a difficult time meeting our commitments. This is our schedule:

Fri June 1, 4:00 Stage and Circus Tent (with sides) set up, Sky Park, Relay for Life

Sun June 3, 11:00 Stage and Tent take down; move stage to SVHS and set up on football field; tents will also be set up for graduation but Mike Smith had students to do it during the week.

Thurs June 7, (or Fri June 8th?) Stage and tent take down after SVHS graduation (hopefully w/student help)

Wed July 4, (Time?) Stage set up for City; Tent (4) set up for Boy Scouts (need adult supervision), plus our pop-ups for light-ups Take down?? Charge city for stage??

Fri July 13, 3-5:00 Stage set up, Sky Park, Hop n’Barley

Sat or Sun July 14 or 15, Stage Take-down, Hop n’Barley

Sun July 29, 10:00 MASP I, installation of new banners for season

Please look at your calendars and see which event(s) you can commit to, so we can maximize the efficiency of our limited labor force!! If you have any able bodied adult relatives you can coerce into service for one event, drag them along!

See you Wed morning, 7:00, at the Café!!