Weekly Newsletter 3-14-2018

Meeting Summary

Summary of 3/14/18 Meeting:

Recap and on the Agenda:

MASP:  (1) Jim emailed out the updated SV Chamber business listing last week; ALL please review it and focus in on any NEW potential sponsors you can contact for this year.  It's particularly critical since our bands and sound guys seem to have picked this year to decide they need more money to participate (House Rockers sound guy wants $500 this year....)

(2) Lisa will update us on band/sound contracts status, and on food from Bruno's and Los Gallos.  Along those lines, I think we should ask Dirk if he can do House Rockers concert in place of their more expensive sound guy, if he's available.  We'll discuss.  Also bubble lady?

(3) Darshana can update us on her contact w/Beth for a letter to band/chorus parents requesting support from their employers, or from the parents themselves (including manual labor for the shows....)  Darshana was also going to think about alternative face painters (vs Girl Scouts) for the concerts...any news??

(4) Mike2, poster news? Sponsorship packet news?

Scholarship Committee: I think we determined that it consists of Tim, Marques, John, and Darshana, and Mike1 if he has the time and inclination.  Can we confirm that the applications and the requirements are in the hands of the counselors at SLV and SV?  There's a great description of both scholarships on our website (thank you RICK!!)

Crab Feed:  a few of us attended the Surf City Crab feed on Sat and ate way too much crab....Darshana gets the preparedness award for bringing her own drawn butter....which the rest of us helped her consume!  Her grandbaby is way to cute and extremely well behaved.

Circle K:  We contributed $750 to their convention expenses for next week.  They were working hard at the crab feed!

Trivia: Jim was interested in potentially having a group participate in Bruno's Tues night's free to play, team format, 7:00-8:45, with Taco Tuesday also going on ($1.75 tacos!), trivia by Trivia Factory.  Let's pick a night and try it out!!

Hiking: John would also like to get a group together to hike the new trail to Mt Umunhum in San Jose...a weekend morning would be delightful.  Look at your calendars and let's pick a date!!  He might even give us a ride over in his super cool all electric driving machine.... :)

Dates to Remember:
Mar 16, 5:00 - St Patrick's dinner at Senior Center (I think you had to make your reservation by today...)

Mar 24 (Sat), 8-12 - Spring Pancake Breakfast at Sr Center, $8 for apple, pecan, and blueberry pancakes, plus ham,                eggs, oj, and coffee

Apr 13 or 14: potentially stage set up for Boys & Girls Club grand opening...will confirm Thurs evening

Apr 29 - Bowl for kids (Lisa do we have a time??); also SVEF Touch a Truck at Skypark

Jun 1 (Fri), 4:00 - stage set up for Relay for Life, Skypark

Jun 3 (Sun), 11:00 - stage take down, Skypark (move to high school??)

Jun 7 (Thurs), stage take down after graduation


ok group, stay dry and see you Wed evening!!