Weekly Newsletter 2-21-2018

Meeting Summary

Greetings Kiwanians!  Summarizing the meeting from Wed.....

  1.   MASP:
  1.   Lisa went back to Coffis Bros with a "meet me half way" offer of $1000 for their MASP performance, and they accepted that offer - YEAH! thanks Lisa! - , so our bands are locked in and we can get going on promotional materials.  (Kellen also offered to recommend intro bands, but I think those are also established, so i guess for this year any way we don't need his expertise).  
  2. Lisa is going back to Beth for more info about her band, the first go round was not enough info to market them effectively.
  1.   EDGE scholarships: everyone concurred that we should continue to support student attendance at the EDGE conf at Berkeley, at the rate of two students: either one from SLV and SV, or, if the SV Key Club is basically inactive, two from SLV (if there are 2 candidates there).  Lisa is going to check w/Beth on the status of the SV club to determine the split.
  2.   Surf City may have out numbered us, it was darn close, but they liked our venue (once they found it): apparently they get the exact same menu every meeting at MacKenzie's so variety was a bonus!  A couple of us bought tix for the Crab feed, so let me know if you want to purchase tix and I can get them for you!  The date is Mar 10 and the cost is $60 for crab+pasta, $15 for pasta only.  Let's make it a K table!!  I'll bring a couple bottles of wine as an incentive.... :)
  3.   Darshana reported on her meeting with Tonya at the District, plus follow on meeting with Beth.  We will revise our letter to the District to confirm that we are ok with the K funds being used to keep the zero period at the middle school for next year.  This is the only time the MS carves out for music, and Beth feels it's vital to keep it alive to feed in to the high school programs.  She has found funding for the high school program for next year, so the need was at the middle school.  I will send the letter to the District with the revised focus, and emphasizing that this is a "gap year" allocation.

Darshana also let us know that Art Night at the high school is Mar 9, 6-9, when the students' prodigious talent will be on display.

  1.   SVEF requested use of the K tables, chairs, and pop-ups for Touch a Truck on Apr 29.  The general consensus was they could use the tables and chairs at no cost, but we'd prefer not to lend the pop-ups, since they are more easily damaged or misplaced.  I will let them know.
  2.   It looks like Boys & Girls Club DOES want our stage on Apr 14 for their grand opening.  I emailed Mike 1 to make sure he's on board to move it, and i'm sure it can happen on the Thurs or Fri prior to the event, as it will go inside their fenced in area and would be safe overnight.  Delivery details to follow.
  3.   Circle K reported that their elections happened as planned and they have a new "board in waiting" that takes over in Apr.  They did their District project in Oakland last weekend and had a good turnout and got lots done sprucing up an elementary school campus in Oakland.  Their Division meeting is here in SC this weekend, and they are having a fundraiser with Panda Express on Mission St this weekend also.  Darshana also announced that, sadly, the Sock Hop at the Sr Center was cancelled due to low turnout, so the Circle K volunteers were off the hook. (NOTE: They bought their breakfasts with the big $21 we found on highway cleanup last weekend, so they were stoked!)
  4. Marshall, the BBBS rep, Maria, did not attend the meeting...don't know if she got lost or forgot, but she was a no show.
  5.   I forgot to pass around the very nice letter we received from Valley Christmas Project thanking us for our continued support of their program. I'll pass it around Wed....if I remember.
  6.   I also forgot to report on our financial position, so here's where we're at:

             Admin Account:         $4,144.25

            Found Account:          $2,121.42

            Endowment A:            $8,439.92

            Endowment B:            $5,044.79

       I would recommend that our scholarship committee meet and make a recommendation as to the number and amount of scholarships we are going to offer this year; scholarship application announcements are already popping up in the SVHS newsletter.  Who is our scholarship committee??


Thanks for reading this far!!  If you made it this far, tell me this word: blatherskite at the meeting Wed morning and you'll get a treat!!  If you know what it means, you'll get two!


'Till Wed morning....